12-year-old Kyle Thomas is forced to take control of his own destiny, in order to save his fathers life.

The Story

TNE offers a uniquely compelling tale of the bond  between a father and son. 

Kyle Thomas, the sole child of a typical military household, finds himself in the midst of a unique upbringing. His father, Eric, a seasoned marine helicopter pilot, has devoted 22 years to the Corps. However, the demands of Eric's profession have often left him with limited time to engage in his son's life, particularly when it comes to Kyle's passion for soccer. It's worth noting that Eric himself excelled as a midfielder and even pursued the sport in Europe prior to his college and Marine Corps days.

Under the persistent encouragement of his wife and son, Eric reluctantly agrees to an early retirement due to the escalating Middle East tensions. He takes on a role as a consultant for the Department of Defense while simultaneously stepping into the role of Kyle's soccer coach. As Eric's retirement draws nearer, the anticipation builds, with just ninety-four days left to the awaited moment.

Eric's new role as coach for Kyle's nationally ranked club team takes a dramatic turn when he is abruptly summoned away following a devastating suicide bombing that claims the lives of six pilots. Amid the chaos, Eric and Kyle manage a heartfelt conversation over the phone. With his upcoming deployment date marked on the calendar and his son's team poised for the finals against the state champions, Eric leaves Kyle with a resolute promise: "When you beat the Rangers, I'll be coming home." Regrettably, these words mark the last communication between father and son, leaving Kyle with a poignant memory etched in time.

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The sum of our actions is The Net Effect

The stakes in life are greater than those in sports, until those fates collide.  

Battle Grounds

Conflict and times of war have plagued mankind for over 2000 years.  The collateral damage is what we focus on in TNE.  The Net Effect is the net result of our actions, directly on the people that touch our lives. 

Futbol & Life

Sport offers us an opportunity to challenge our minds, bodies, and spirits as we discover Composure Inside the Chaos. TNE embraces this challenge, as we each strive to uncover the truth about who we are under pressure. 

Father's and Son's

The dynamic between a father and son is one of the most unique bonds humanity can offer.  When that connection becomes challenged by the imposing reality of certain death, life itself is reimagined. 

As a Sixth Sense...

TNE has parallels to the Sixth Sense. Innocence and naivety are leveraged against the impossible, to achieve a seemingly unattainable goal against insurmountable odds.     For a whisper into the darkness, must yield light. 

The Impossible

Eric begins teaching Kyle about meditation & Lucid Dreaming at 10 years of age.  After Eric winds up Missing in Action, both father and son attempt a never achieved  connection, from a world apart. 

When Life is Beautiful

Similar to the Award-winning Life is Beautiful, with a role reversal for the part of the protector. In TNE, Kyle must bear the burden alone of protecting his father, all while ensuring that his team cannot lose a single game. 

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